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As a part of our dedication to leaders in the stroke community, we offer the stroke certification course at no charge.  However, we partner with industry sponsors to fulfill our mission of improving stroke education. 

.At this event, we will have almost 100 stroke program coordinators receive essential knowledge and skills to be successful in their role and in their communities. This is the only program of its kind dedicated to stroke program professionals.


Lunch sponsor Includes:


  • Print and digital acknowledgement

  • Two displays with priority location 

  • Access to all sessions & meals for three representatives



 Breakfast sponsor includes:

  • Digital and print acknowledgement

  • One display in premium location

  • Access to all sessions & meals for two representatives




 Break sponsor includes:

  • Digital acknowledgement

  • One display

  • Access to all sessions for two representatives




 Breakfast sponsor includes:

  • Digital acknowledgement

  • One display

  • Access to all sessions for one representatives



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