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Over The Counter Treatment For Urinary Tract Infection Uk

When it comes to urinary tract infection treatment over the counter, however, there are some (albeit not many) options available to you: Paracetamol . Nearly always available as an over the counter treatment option, paracetamol can. take paracetamol up to 4 times a day to reduce pain and a high temperature – for people with a UTI, paracetamol is usually recommended over NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or aspirin you can give children liquid paracetamol rest and drink enough fluids so you pass pale urine regularly during the day avoid having sex The cystex urinary tractinfection overthe counter is great for health concerns and it can shop for the best price. Take 2 cystex urinary pain relief tablets with a full glass of water 3 times per day for temporary relief of symptoms associated with a urinary tract infection. Also, this offers a range of solutions for urinary health.

Over The Counter Treatment For Urinary Tract Infection Uk - Discount Place

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